Information Technology

Providing the advice you need to succeed in today’s evolving market.


Our Information Technology Group works with basement inventors to mid-sized local businesses to large local, national and multinational companies and represent creators and users of technology and other knowledge based assets with respect to their use, protection and commercialization.

We coordinate our clients' information technology matters with their general business affairs, providing them with a single source of legal representation, in areas such as intellectual property, privacy, employment, tax, and mergers and acquisitions.

Our clients include businesses involved in internet marketing, search engine optimization, IT security, software development, website development, providers of technology services, video game developers and many other creators of technology, as well as significant business users of technology in industries such as financial services and health care.

We assist our clients in understanding, negotiating and drafting agreements and documentation relating to:

  • licensing, distribution and outsourcing;
  • the acquisition, financing, transfer or sale of certain technologies or entire businesses;
  • information systems matters, such as services, development and procurement;
  • software, video game and other new media development;
  • website matters, such as development, hosting, terms of use, and privacy policies;
  • e-commerce;
  • cloud computing;
  • social media;
  • strategic alliances and joint ventures;
  • non-disclosure and confidentiality;
  • consulting and other professional services; and
  • computer, Internet and technology use policies for the workplace.