Pitblado understands that Aviation is special. The alphabet soup of the industry is music to our ears.


Because it is in their nature to travel between provincial and international jurisdictions, the financing, operation, purchase, sale, insurance and leasing of aircraft requires special knowledge and care.

We help new and expanding operators, private and commercial and those financing them. We navigate our clients through the purchase, sale, and leasing of aircraft and aviation businesses and represent lenders who support aviation. Our clients are guided through the nuances of aviation labour and employment issues. Our agency work assists clients and lawyers from other jurisdictions looking for advice in this specialized field.

Commercial and private aircraft operators and AMO's are closely regulated, with extremely serious consequences. Rules and interpretations constantly change. We keep up-to-date on government and industry developments and administrative and judicial case law. Our lawyers are actively involved in the industry, and promote a wide range of aviation organizations, through direct involvement and by using our influence to facilitate community and legislative support for the industry.

We understand the nuances of both the commercial and regulatory sides of the industry - preferring to provide proactive help to avoid problems, but ready with practical - but tenacious - representation in case of civil or regulatory conflict.