Film Financing and Tax Credits - The Importance of Registration
This is the first installment of a series of articles specific to film financing and tax credits in Manitoba by Brant Harvey, Partner.
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Establishment of Easements and Other Rights in Neighbours' Properties Can Be Difficult
Edward D. (Ned) Brown Pitblado LLP July 2020   English law has - for centuries - paid special attention to protecting rights in real property. The expression "A man's home is his castle" reflected the prevailing view of judges and lawyers (in particular, conveyancers), at least...
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Edward D. (Ned) Brown Pitblado LLP June 2020 When you obtain a document from a Manitoba Land Titles Office/Manitoba Registry Office (a "Document"), you pay a fee. Such payment is long accepted by lawyers and by others who, for their own purposes, choose to obtain Documents directly...
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The Business Registration Supervision and Ownership Transparency act (Various Acts Amended)
The Manitoba government had previously introduced legislation to reduce interprovincial trade barriers while improving business ownership transparency. Some of these legislative provisions came into force on April 9, 2020, while others will be coming into effect on June 27, 2020. The...
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